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Baths Includes-specialized shampoo, conditioner and styling spray (customized for each pet's needs), ear hair removed, ears cleaned, nails clipped, glands expressed, paw pad care, sanitary clip and blow dry

Hair Cut Includes- The entire body clipped to any length you desire, shaved or scissored, this also includes all of the bath services.

Trim Up Includes- A maintenance trim of every 4-6 weeks, or a light trim up, this also includes all the bath services.

Hair Cut with Bath and Nail Trim
0-10 lbs

Full Body Cut 0-10 lbs+ Bath Package

11-20 lbs

Full Body Clip 11-20 lbs+ Bath Package


Full Body Clip 21lbs-40Lbs+ Bath Package


Full Body Clip 41Lbs-65Lbs+ Bath Package


Full Body Cut 66Lbs-100Lbs+ Bath Package

101Lbs + Up

Full Body Cut 101Lbs + Up+ Bath Package

Trim Up with Bath and Nail Trim
0-10 lbs

Quick Clip 0-10 lbs+ Bath Package

11-20 lbs

Quick Clip 11-20 lbs+ Bath Package


Quick Clip 21Lbs-40Lbs+ Bath Package


Quick Clip 41Lbs-65Lbs+ Bath Package

66 Lbs- 100Lbs

Quick Clip 66 Lbs- 100Lbs+ Bath Package

101lb and Up s

Quick Clip 101lb and Up s+Bath Package

Bath Short Hair Dog
0-10 lbs

Bath Short Hair 0-10 lbs


Bath Short Hair 11-20lbs


Bath Short Hair 21Lbs-40Lbs

41Lbs -65Lbs

Bath Short Hair 41Lbs -65Lbs


Bath Short Hair 65Lbs-100Lbs

101lbs+ Up

Bath Short Hair 101lbs+ Up

Bath Long Hair Dog
0-10 lbs

Bath Long Hair 0-10 lbs

11-20 lbs

Bath Long Hair 11-20 lbs


Bath Long Hair 21Lbs-40Lbs


Bath Long Hair 41Lbs-65Lbs


Bath Long Hair 65Lbs-100Lbs

101Lbs + Up

Bath Long Hair 101Lbs + Up

0-10lbs Add On

De- Shedding 0-10lbs Add On

11-20lbs Add On

De- Shedding 11-20lbs Add On

21-40lbs Add On

De- Shedding 21-40lbs Add On

41lbs- 65 lbs Add On

De-Shedding 41lbs- 65 lbs Add On

66 lbs- 100 lbs Add On

De- Shedding 66 lbs- 100 lbs Add On

101lbs + Up Add On

De-Shedding 101lbs + Up Add On


Cat Bath Long Hair


Cat Quick Clip with + Bath Package

CatHair Cut + Bath Package and Nails


Cat bath Short Hair

Add On to Service / Walk In Service
Express - Ideal for seniors and puppies

Soothing Paw Cream

Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Add On

Enzymatic Toothpaste and Breath Spray

Nail Trim Walk In

Nail File Walk In

Ear Service Walk In

Nail Polish

Face Trim Only or Add On

External Anal Glands Add On

Internal Anal Glands

Dematting Sessions

10 minute intervals

Nail File Add On to Sevice

color enhancing shampoo 0-40 lbs

color enhancing shampoo 40- 70 lbs

color enhancing shampoo over 70 lbs

colored hair extensions

fancy feathers

Giant dirty dog 71lb and up

Large dirty dog 41-70lb

medicated shampoo

nail cap application only

Nail Caps 2 Paws Only

Nail caps and Application

nail file, teeth,

nail file, teeth, paw pad cream

Salt Scrub Exfoliate

single tattoo

Small dirty dog 0- 40lb

senior/puppy pkgs
bath pkg on large pup under 6 months old

baths on small pups under 6 months old

FFTT on large pup under 6 months old

fftt trim on pups under 6 months

haircut with no bath

haircut without bath for over 40 lbs

Packages for Puppies and Seniors

Appointments Required

Small Puppy Bath- Under 6 months of age

Included nails trimmed, paw care, sanitary trim, ears clean, ear hair pulled, glands expressed, bath with shampoo, conditioner, styling spray, and a blow dry.

Small $16.00

Large $18.00

Puppy Quick Clip+ Bath Package- Under 6 months of age

Included all of the great services of the bath package plus trimming around the face, feathers, and haunches. This packages is great to get your furry friend used to the all over hair cuts and basic routine. 

Small $18.00

Large $22.00

Senior Quick Clip

This is a great package is for the elderly dogs who can't endure the stressful grooming process anymore. You bath your pet in the convenience of your own home and we will do all the basic grooming needs. The goal is to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. You can even stay and keep your pet company while we groom. 

Small $18.00

Large $22.00

Add on Packages to Services

Posh Pooch

All of the hounds will be talking about your pooch after the posh pooch! This package includes nails filled smooth, enzymatic tooth brushing with a refeshing breath spray, paw pad cream to soften and remoisturize the pads, bandanna and or bow.



Your furry friend will get the toenails filed smooth, teeth brushed in enzymatic toothpaste and a refreshing breath spray.


Walk In Packages

Rabies Certificate Required

Puppy's Pedi- Under 6 months of age

Bring your sweet puppy to get the nails clipped, nails filed smooth,paw care, ears cleaned and a bow or bandana.


Paw Spa

Bring your dog in for the nails trimmed and filed smooth, Enzymatic toothpaste with refreshing breath spray, ears cleaned, paw care, sanitary cut and a bow or bandana.


Pooch's Luv

Get the nails clipped, filed,  enzymatic tooth brushing with refreshing breath spray.


Cats Meow

Get your beloved kitty cats nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Please call ahead if you a especially timid kitty so we may make accommodations. 


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